What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Coordinator?

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a coordinator? This is a common question among couples looking forward to planning their big day. We're going to explain the differences in the roles of planners and coordinators, so you'll know which one to hire for your wedding preparations.

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Coordinator?

Coordinators and planners often work together to fulfill the wedding dreams of couples. Take a look at what you can expect from wedding coordinators and planners.

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Overview of a Wedding Planner

The wedding planner figures out everything you need within your budget and timeline. Planners are the ones who can help you conceptualize and make specific tasks to achieve your wedding goals. They will connect you to the best wedding vendors, pick the perfect venue, and choose anything else you need for the wedding.

Overview of a Wedding Coordinator

The wedding coordinator ensures everything you've planned runs smoothly on your wedding day. Some coordinators will work alongside planners, while others directly assist couples. Much of their work may fall in the final weeks leading up to your wedding ceremony.

Comparing a Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Planner

Wedding coordinators and planners typically work together to help couples achieve their dream weddings. Despite sharing some skills, their differences make them equally valuable professionals in making weddings happen.


About 71% of couples think wedding planning is more stressful than other major life events. Wedding planners and coordinators are the best people to relieve that stress. They are armed with extensive planning expertise and years of experience.

Coordinators and planners are among the most resourceful and creative professionals you'll encounter. They carry out tasks to make sure your ideas and visions reflect the output, whether it's choosing the dresses, finalizing the menu, or creating the souvenirs. 

Their calm and positive demeanor enables them to negotiate contracts to provide you with the best deals. Additionally, their superb organization and time management skills let them handle events within a short period.


It takes an average of 12 to 18 months to plan a wedding actively. You can shorten this period when you take advantage of the varying responsibilities of wedding coordinators and planners.

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Responsibilities of Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are responsible for the logistics. They are the point person for handling the specifics of the wedding, making them in charge of the nitty-gritty details, which makes them worth the money. Some of their responsibilities include:

Responsibilities of Wedding Coordinators

Wedding coordinators are mainly responsible for the finishing touches and helping the planner. They communicate between the couple, entourage, vendors, and other important people, especially on the wedding day. Some of their responsibilities include:

Major Distinguishing Factor

A wedding planner is the person in charge of planning every detail of your wedding. On the other hand, a wedding coordinator focuses on managing on-the-day tasks, especially the staff and venue. Planners serve more as the decision-makers and your guide, whereas coordinators carry out the plans and support the planners. 

A planner will help set your budget, manage vendors, and be your problem solver. In comparison, a coordinator can be the point of contact in executing the tasks, especially on the wedding day.

When to Use a Wedding Planner

It's best to get a wedding planner if you don't know where to start planning. Whether you have ideas or not, it is worth it to get a planner as they can build a structure for your wedding ceremony, reception, and engagement activities.

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Hire a planner for your wedding if:

When to Use a Wedding Coordinator

It would be much better to work with a coordinator if you want to play an active role in planning, yet you would like someone to serve as your right hand. Depending on the level of service, some coordinators can be with you from day one, while others may act as on-the-day coordinators.

Hire a coordinator for your wedding if:

Which Wedding Service Professional Is Better?

Getting wedding planners is necessary if you need total assistance from day one of planning up to the wedding day. This is perfect for couples who have no time to prepare or have no idea where to start.

Wedding coordinators are much better options if you only need a short time to prepare. This is also ideal if you want to take over the planning entirely and only need someone to manage the tasks during the wedding day.

Choosing which one should help you plan a wedding must depend on your budget and what you need the most. A full-service wedding service provider like Thomas Bui Lifestyle can provide you with the organizational skills of a planner and the reliability of a coordinator.

Related Questions

What Is the Difference Between an Event Planner and a Wedding Planner?

An event planner is someone who can handle a wide variety of events, including weddings. Meanwhile, a wedding planner is more experienced in planning and managing weddings. Some event planners have limited wedding services, while wedding planners have subspecialties like same-sex or destination weddings, which is why they can be expensive.

Are Wedding Planners and Coordinators the Same as Wedding Designers?

Wedding designers aren't the same as planners and coordinators. Designers focus on the aesthetics and visuals of a wedding. However, they usually work alongside planners and coordinators to bring ideas to life.

Can I Hire Both a Planner and Coordinator for My Wedding?

Yes, you can hire a coordinator and planner for your wedding. Their skill sets can streamline your wedding preparation. In this way, you'll save more time and effort, letting you divert your energy to the upcoming celebrations instead.

Final Verdict

Planners can take over the complete planning process, whereas coordinators can serve as your right hand. Whether you choose one or both, planners and coordinators from Thomas Bui Lifestyle can give you a luxurious and memorable wedding celebration.