Napa Wedding Planner

Weddings mark the beginnings of a new life, a new starting point for happiness, and this would be the most blessed omen with us by your side!    

A wedding is a celebration of two souls united into one in front of all your beloved people as witnesses. This may seem like an everyday occurrence, and it is, but for you, this occasion marks the commencement of a new life which should happen on the right foot with everything happening as you imagined. As wedding planners in Napa Valley and the San Francisco bay area, Thomas Bui Lifestyle wants to bring you the most joy and jubilation this day could garner without being burdened by any stress of wedding plans.

Even though the couple does most of the primary decision-making before choosing an appropriate Napa wedding planner, this also deems a worthy consideration since the entire outcome of your wedding depends on the vision shared by both parties, aka you and your planners. 

If you choose wisely, this day could be forever imprinted in everyone's minds as the only wedding where everything went according to plan, and the couple was as carefree as guests could see. Let this relaxed and cheery event be our gift to you, a memento from Thomas Bui Lifestyle.

Napa Valley: A Unique Wedding Destination In The U.S.

Many aspects make up the ideal destination wedding, and Napa Valley has more than 375 wineries open for tastings and 90 urban tasting rooms. Napa Valley is known for world-class wine, beautiful San Francisco countryside, and near-perfect weather year-round. The wine country is also known for Michelin-star restaurants, luxurious accommodations, and spas. 

Why Napa Valley? 

Napa Valley has a perfect combination of climate, soil, and terrain, ideally equipped for growing wine grapes. This unique terroir has made Napa Valley virtually destined to make some of the best wine ever produced. From world-class resorts and ultra-extravagant B&Bs to luxurious spas and cozy wine tasting rooms with swoon-worthy views, there's a blissfully romantic setting around every corner in Napa Valley.

In addition to being one of the most romantic spots in the world, the Napa Valley wine country is, by any standard, a dream vacation destination.

Destination Wedding with Thomas Bui Lifestyle

You have been dreaming about your wedding since you can remember and our event planning company has been planning them for the same time. Wedding planning isn't as fun as it would seem, and things spiral quickly when there's a conflict between two parties. This is why you need the top-ranked event planners in Orange County who can handle all details while you sip margaritas and enjoy the view.

1. You're too busy: If you have a demanding job or just have a lot going on in general, professionals will help you deal with all wedding planning details while you take care of your own. Our event planners are equipped to handle high-pressure situations and know the business inside out, so we know exactly what to get to manifest your vision into a reality.

2. Destination weddings: Expert help is especially essential with a destination wedding where you may not be able to go until the last few days. Our Napa wedding planners can get you more bang for your buck and represent you at various meetings with vendors.

3. Small budget: It may seem counterintuitive to hire a wedding planner on a low budget, but it will eventually save you money in the long run. Our event planning and design company knows how to work within a budget and come up with options that meet your expectations.

4. You're not that into it: Some people are not interested in picking out the exact blue for the wedding cake fondant or interviewing six event design options. That's where a wedding planner swoops in and saves the day by knowing what you want and getting precisely that.

5. You get stressed out: If thinking about napkin colors and gift bags makes you breathless and anxious, then let wedding planning be our cup of tea. The actual day of the event is the most stressful, but with professionals handling everything, you can have the time of your life without lifting a finger.

Why Choose Thomas Bui Lifestyle?

We believe in offering a personalized full service event planning experience combined seamlessly with professionalism. It's a narrow rope to walk on, but we pride ourselves in being committed to the cause and providing our clients with wedding experiences and corporate events they will always remember. 

As the archetypal destination wedding planners in Napa Valley, we affirm that people never forget how someone makes them feel. We want to make you feel like a member of our team whose input is the guiding light of this event. We represent everything that exudes class, and whether you want a traditional wedding or a quirky one, they both will have that in common.

Your Wedding Planning and Event Design Team

It's challenging to pick wedding planners compatible with who you are, which is why we focus on communication. This is your day. All that matters is that we make this event the talk of the town and is referred to for all future weddings in your family. Wedding coordination is not a job to us but a passion we have honed for the past 20 years. Let us walk through a royal wedding experience you had envisioned years ago!

Thomas Bui Lifestyle is the guru wedding coordinator in Napa, known globally for their supreme effort and remarkable work. Don't let this atypical opportunity slip through your fingers. Call us right now or send an email to seek help from a team that's committed to creating visual excellence!