Wedding Planner Newport Beach

Sometimes in the middle of ordinary life, once in a while, a miracle happens in the form of love, and Thomas Bui Lifestyle is the only awe-inspiring choice for this celebration!

Marriages are the celebration of this love that some of the lucky ones get to experience at least once in their life. Most couples are prone to pulling out all the stops for this momentous occasion, and that means a wedding planner in Newport Beach: Thomas Bui Lifestyle. Our team offers top-notch services, whether you want us to plan the entire wedding, or you want some execution expertise on the final plan that you have devised.

Even though weddings are the happiest event in one's life, they can also be the most stressful. By hiring a team of professionals that can implement your vision in its truest form, you are treating yourself to the best wedding gift possible: a relaxing, anxiety-free day of festivities where the only thing you have to do is show up, look great and revel in the graceful wedding arrangements.

Destination Wedding at Newport Beach: a coastal paradise

Newport Beach is a destination wedding dream with its miles of sandy shoreline and awe-inspiring sunsets; this versatile venue offers a subtle, low-key welcoming vibe where you can have your pick of the lot as suited to your style as a couple. As a seasoned Destination wedding planner in Newport Beach, Thomas Bui Lifestyle believes that Newport has something for everyone: from eco-friendly gardens for the adventurers to Victorian pavilion overlooking the harbor for sea lovers.

Your destination wedding doesn't have to be worlds away but can be a place that is closer to home but still feels like an escape to another universe.

What is it about Newport Beach that makes it so extraordinary?

Everything, to be honest! Any wedding that we have planned in Newport Beach was the epitome of class and a testament to the couple's union. All your beach-related wedding visions can come true at Newport Beach from an elaborate ceremony on a magnificent yacht to an intimate wedding at the beach; Thomas Bui Lifestyle has done it all, and so, we are speaking as professional wedding planners in Newport Beach.

Wedding planner Newport Beach

Looking for wedding planners in Newport Beach?

At Thomas Bui Lifestyle, we have seen brides on the spectrum who stretch from "I think wedding planning is my calling" to "Please make my destination wedding the talk of the town!" And trust us, they both can benefit from hiring professionals because we come equipped with a skill set that enables us to look into the future and envisions how all plans should work. With several years of experience as destination wedding planners in Newport Beach, we can promise that Thomas Bui Lifestyle would be the best choice you could ever make. At Thomas Bui Lifestyle, we help couples their families with:

1.      Budget restraints

We can work within your budget and stretch it because we realize what's important and what will make a more significant impact. When you have a planner, who knows what he's doing, small decisions can add up to huge savings.

2.      Your wedding visions

At Thomas Bui Lifestyle, we want to create an event that is a perfect replica of your imagination. We will fight for your vision and keep everything on track from the start to the end. It's a long journey all the way to the altar, and you want someone in your corner that can read your mind and give you an outdoor ceremony even if it looks like rain.

3.      A stress-free experience

We don't think you have heard of such a wedding, but as your wedding planners in Newport Beach, we guarantee a stress-free event. Working with vendors takes its toll, and it's better to let the experts handle it so that you don't have to answer last-minute calls as you're sitting for hair and make-up.

4.      Ceremony-to-reception flipping

Converting a venue from a ceremony to the reception is a complex task, one which needs to be done efficiently and subtly.

5.      Coordination

Our customized packages offer services from the get-go, or a few weeks before the ceremony to handle last-minute details. We will be focused on helping you juggle all aspects because those are what make your day so special and we wouldn't want you to worry about them. Your wedding is distinct, and we want to remind you of that and help you celebrate it in the fashion it deserves.

Why choose Thomas Bui Lifestyle?

Everything is happening through technology nowadays, and that makes us miss the most essential component of public dealing, i.e., consistent communication. We don't believe in a random text or a once-off conversation but want to remain in touch constantly throughout this incredible journey and make it happen just like you had always dreamt of.

Being a destination wedding planner in Newport Beach means that our team is committed to excellence, delivering results that are beyond your expectations. Our clients, testimonials, and public image speak for themselves, but we would like to personally assure you that we offer an experience comparable to none. With a flair for innovation and impeccable service, our clients are a priority, which is a trademark for the team at Thomas Bui Lifestyle.

With our combination of creativity and understated luxury, your event will be the one spoken about for all future weddings. We not only see what's obvious but are aware of last-minute hassling variables. This attention to detail makes us a force of nature that will be held back at nothing to manifest the day as you wish it to be. Let us help you in setting the standard for all future generations and in that we achieve our motto of eminence and dignity.

Call us right away or leave a message through this short application form. Our planning and execution team reaches out and responds to each query within hours. Till then, do check our portfolio or share if you'd like to experience something unique on the most important day of your life!