Los Angeles Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning In Los Angeles

Whom we marry is one of the most important decisions we make in life, and choosing a wedding planner comes as a close second!    

Yes, that's right! When you have chosen that significant other with whom you will spend the rest of your life, the second part of your life begins. The part where another opinion will accompany all your decisions, and sometimes those may not match. This is where a wedding planner in Los Angeles comes in to be your saving grace, Thomas Bui Lifestyle. For all those ideas and thoughts that need an objective sight, we are there for you.

While marriages are inevitably made in heaven, wedding planning on earth is a huge time commitment and one that is not to be taken lightly. It can also be quite stressful, which is an understatement of sorts. If anything, making limitless choices and coming to an agreement is stressful and should not fall on the happily engaged couple's shoulders. At Thomas Bui Lifestyle, we have taken a vow to give your dream wedding a fabulous reality that’s stress free.

Los Angeles: The Quintessential Wedding Destination

With the increasing popularity of destination weddings and events, Los Angeles is the ultimate location where you can celebrate your special day with your guests and treat this as an occasion to escape life for as long as possible. Thomas Bui Lifestyle is the ace destination wedding planning professional in Los Angeles who can give voice to all your ideas and turn them into memorable events.

Even though destination wedding images are often related to island vibes and tropical beaches, Los Angeles has managed to top everyone's list for several reasons:

· It offers direct flights from most major airlines for guests traveling to and from town

· The nightlife cannot be described and must be witnessed with one's own eyes

· The culture combined with its amazing backdrops makes for enthralling wedding photographs

At the same time, you plan your event with your wedding planning professional in Los Angeles at a venue that can be anything from Santa Monica: for a beach-y wedding to Downtown L.A, to satiate your chic/urban taste.

Do You Really Need A Destination Wedding Planner In Los Angeles?

With any luck, you'll have the wedding planning team of Thomas Bui Lifestyle taking the responsibilities of wedding planning off your shoulders and making this event design process a lot smoother and convenient so that you may enjoy planning your wedding and make it a memorable event. Since you have already decided upon the priority elements: choosing each other, setting the date, and selecting a venue, we can handle the rest and bring your vision to reality. So why do you need us?

1. We'll help you keep within the assigned budget and timeline. With years of expertise in the event industry, our event planner team can crunch numbers for you and score discounts, getting you the most cost-effective deals available.

2. Thomas Bui Lifestyle team is pro wedding planners in Los Angeles, CA, and can recommend the leading vendors for all your wedding elements, such as florists, D.J.s, caterers, and photographers. This also means eliminating any need for Googling and vetting prospective vendors.

3. With insider knowledge about the most suitable vendors, we'll also be your middleman so that you don't have to worry about contracts and paperwork.

4. Most of the ideas that the couple have been inspired by internet searches. Still, with professional wedding planners, you can get countless original and brilliant ideas that have exceed expectations and will be in a class of their own. The next thing you know, people will discuss having a wedding like yours!

5. Many opinions are involved in the wedding and event planning process, which means friction and conflict. A wedding planning professional is the perfect buffer and can offer objective advice for tricky situations so that there are no residual hard feelings.

Why Choose Thomas Bui Lifestyle in Los Angeles?

It's tough to narrow down a list of highly professional and reputable destination wedding planners in Los Angeles and Southern California. Still, with Thomas Bui Lifestyle by your side, there's nothing tricky about wedding coordination. 

We believe in taking a stand for our clients and bringing them what they want at any cost. If you want a wedding on a hill on a windy day, then we'll make that happen. For the last 20 years, we have honed a team that defines elegance and brings you understated luxury without a hitch.

A wedding is full of nervous energy fueled by excitement and so many things going in simultaneously. Although it is a once in a lifetime event, that pressure itself can be consuming, impeding your enjoyment. This is the reason we put our full-service work at your disposal so that we do most of the heavy lifting while you can appreciate the majestic event unfolding before you, that is your wedding.

Don't take our word for it because our planning services speak for themselves. Do your research, talk to our previous clients, and you'll see that this would be the decision your future self would be grateful for. Thomas Bui Lifestyle has a reputation to live up to, and those stakes are incomparable to anything else. 

We not only deliver what we promise but even more than what you ever expected from your chosen wedding planners. There's plenty to be said about being the top choice as a wedding planning professional in Los Angeles, and we want you to experience what it feels like when your vision is executed without fault.

Your best day is just as special to us as it is to you, and we are by your side throughout this journey to make it the singular most spectacular even you and your wedding guests have ever laid eyes on. Happy wedding!