Are Wedding Planners Necessary?

Are you wondering whether wedding planners are necessary if you can plan everything on your own? While it's a good idea to be proactive and truly involved in the planning, some couples need more organized preparations. With that said, we're going to explain the reasons why couples need wedding planners.

Are Wedding Planners Necessary? 

Wedding planners are necessary because they are professionals skilled at visualizing, designing, and executing your wedding day plans. They will orchestrate and oversee everything from consultation up to post-wedding tasks, which is the reason why wedding planners are expensive. You will mainly need planners if you require assistance managing the budget, sourcing vendors, and keeping everything within a timeframe.

Are you still on the fence about getting a professional planner for your wedding? This guide will help you see why you need wedding planners instead of trying to DIY your big day.

Why Do You Need Wedding Planners?

Wedding planning can be a complicated process. This is why it's necessary to hire wedding planners to take over the preparations from start to finish. While not every couple wants a planner, these factors will help determine if you need a wedding planner.

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You Plan to Have a Multi-Day or an Out-Of-Town Wedding

There are different types of weddings, and each requires a certain level of attention to detail that wedding planners can provide.

You Have an Unclear Wedding Day Vision

Wedding visions may not align when you and your partner don't agree on some things.

For instance, you may want an over-the-top wedding reception with cocktails, a gleaming dance floor, and DJs. Meanwhile, your partner prefers a simple dinner without a complicated program. Then your in-laws want a brunch to cater to more guests the following day.

A wedding planner is worth it and necessary at this point because you need someone to mediate and help find a compromise in your wedding planning. Your planner will consider your individual goals and merge several preferences until you find the best way to satisfy everybody. You will also have the time and freedom to ask questions to your wedding planner.

You Need Help With Vendor Selection

Vendor selection and communication is one of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning. There's a ton of paperwork to do and meetings to attend. A wedding planner is necessary, especially if you need more time to meet suppliers or lack the patience to scrutinize contracts and packages.

Aside from that, some couples discover it can be laborious to scout for vendors that support LGBTQIA+ weddings. Professional planners helps couples find LGBT-friendly vendors, and they work to ensure your overall planning is inclusive, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender expression.

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You Get Easily Overwhelmed and Disorganized

Pre-wedding stress is normal, yet having a trusty wedding planner can ease the burden and save you from drowning from a lot of things to consider. It's necessary to hire a wedding planner in these situations.

What Type of Wedding Planner Do You Need?

Now that it's been established that most couples need wedding planners, these are the various types of planners that suit different planning goals and budgets.

Related Questions

Are You Supposed to Plan Your Own Wedding?

You're supposed to plan your wedding if you want to avoid other people involved. However, having a professional wedding planner provide expert guidance can make a significant difference in your planning. In this way, you'll have a stress-free and enjoyable wedding preparation.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Wedding Planner?

A disadvantage of hiring a wedding planner is that you may need a significant budget to hire one. It can also be difficult to find a planner with the same visions as you. However, the necessity of having a planner still outweighs a handful of disadvantages.

Is It Normal to Not Want to Plan Your Wedding?

It's normal not to want to plan your own wedding, whether it's from the beginning or midway through your preparations. This is why planners are necessary because they ease this feeling of wedding planning blues from the get-go.


It's necessary to have a wedding planner to help you save time, money, and effort while ensuring a beautiful and memorable wedding day. With Thomas Bui Lifestyle, professional wedding planners provide top-class service to bring your luxurious wedding experience to life.