Is a Wedding Planner Worth the Money?

Weddings can be costly, which is why some couples may feel apprehensive about hiring planners. However, wedding planning is full of tasks, making it unchartered ground for most people. This article explains whether a wedding planner is worth the money and how you will benefit in the long run.

Is a Wedding Planner Worth the Money?

A wedding planner is worth the money if you want to focus on your special day while keeping everything organized and on time. It's worth spending on wedding planners, especially if this can speed up your wedding preparations, you need complete guidance on what to accomplish, and you want to avoid overspending.

With careful and thoughtful planning, you can achieve the wedding ceremony of your dreams. It's understandable that you're considering many things as you plan, including whether you should spend on planners for your wedding. So here are a few factors to help you decide if wedding planners are worth the cost.

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Why Are Wedding Planners Worth the Money?

Hiring a wedding planner can be one of the most valuable services you'll avail to ready for your big day. These are the reasons why it's worth paying for the services of wedding planners.

Save on Long-Term Planning Costs

It's easy to get swayed by Pinterest boards or wedding magazine must-have lists. However, planning everything with a budget can save you from overspending.

Free Up Your Schedule

Another vital reason hiring a planner is worth the money is that you can significantly save time preparing. A study shows that most American couples spend around 11 months planning a wedding, including an average of 12 hours a week for planning tasks.

Do you want to spend those hours meeting with suppliers? Why not have fun with your entourage or spend more time as an engaged couple instead?

The right planner will make every penny worth it by saving on your most valuable asset — time. With a wedding planner, you don't need to fill your calendar with wedding planning duties on top of your day job, chores, and personal obligations. 

Get Exclusive Access to Vendors and Deals

Sourcing vendors is among the most time-consuming aspects of wedding planning. This is where you'll truly see that even though hiring planners are expensive and requires an upfront cost, the return can be more than what you've spent for these reasons.

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Reduce Planning Stress

Do you want to avoid talking to vendors whenever you have a concern?

Maybe you need someone to make last-minute decisions on small details? Perhaps you need a point person for your guests to contact?

Planning a wedding sounds exciting. However, it can also be stressful and overwhelming, given the sheer number of tasks and decisions. Wedding planning stress can make you irritable, worry constantly, or even have difficulty sleeping. 

Delegating tasks, deciding priorities, and having fun can help manage wedding stress. Hiring wedding planners ultimately outweighs the price you pay because their job basically translates to no stress on your part.

Negotiate Contracts and Organize Documents

Planning a wedding involves several moving parts and lots of paperwork. It can be confusing to scrutinize and document everything.

Some contracts have hidden fees, and if you don't pay attention, you may end up spending more. Planners have eagle eyes in detecting unnecessary costs or red flags.

They can negotiate deals on your behalf and clarify contract clauses you may otherwise skip reading. From here, they will keep an organized file of contracts, quotations, invoices, and other legal documents.

What Is the Cost of Wedding Planners?

On average, full-service wedding planners in America have a starting cost of $3,000. Meanwhile, more experienced planners with premium services may have an average starting fee ranging from $4,500 to $12,000.

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These may seem like huge numbers at first. However, they can turn out to be the best investment you'll make, particularly if you find the right planner that considers your requests and provides exceptional service.

Related Questions

How to Find a Wedding Planner That Is Worth the Money?

You should do some research to find wedding planners worth the money. It's crucial that they have experience working in your area and the kind of wedding you want. Their services, level of communication, and vendor contact can make a tremendous difference.

Is It More Worth Getting a Wedding Planner Than a Wedding Coordinator?

It's more worth getting a wedding planner than a wedding coordinator, mainly if you need help preparing everything from the start. Wedding coordinators typically only work on the actual wedding day. Thus, it's better to hire planners to overtake the whole planning process.

Is a Wedding Planner the Most Costly Part of a Wedding?

No, a wedding planner won't be your biggest expenditure for a wedding. The wedding and reception venues are usually the most expensive parts of planning a wedding.


Hiring wedding planners is worth the money because they can effectively execute your wedding day goals. From brainstorming, handling vendors, and managing on-the-day tasks, professional planners from Thomas Bui Lifestyle will help you save more money eventually and get your money's worth back as you celebrate your special day.