Best Places For Destination Wedding In San Francisco

January 2, 2021

Nothing beats the charm of a “Destination Wedding”! From having to visit new places, to get your knot “Tied” in an absolutely breathtaking location, things cannot get anywhere better than that! Imagine how absolutely beautiful it would be to make your vows on a promenade loaded with beautiful banquet tables which are overlooking gorgeous mountains, covered in vineyards! Even the thought of it mesmerizes, doesn’t it? But out of all the destinations that turn out to be exquisite when it comes to planning out a scenic “Destination Wedding,” San Francisco is a place that significantly tops the charts!

Best Places In San Francisco To Plan Your Grand Destination Wedding:

Things cannot get better when it comes to tying your knot with your significant other in a place as beautiful and exquisite as San Francisco. Let’s face it; the situation has EVERYTHING that makes it an excellent choice for the ones who love to get mesmerized by the scenic beauty! From finding the perfect chic hotels to beautiful quaint villas or even luxurious resorts, the place has literally EVERY INGREDIENT that will make your Destination Wedding, a trip to cherish for your entire life!

The most exquisite of the places in San Francisco to carry out your “Dream” Destination Wedding can be found in the lively hamlets, primitive villages, and around its charming towns. But considering the potential of the exquisite list of venues that are PERFECT for any destination wedding, the fact that San Francisco offers a wide range of luxurious vistas and cuisines in the world is what makes it all worth it! So, if you’re looking out for the BEST places in San Francisco to plan your dream wedding at, Thomas Bui Lifestyle has an offer that you CANNOT refuse! Being the BEST Destination Wedding Planner in San Francisco, the preeminent locations we have for you are what you ACTUALLY to get things going! So, buckle up and get ready to be spell-bounded!


It won’t certainly be wrong to term RELAIS LA CORTE as the “Essence of heritage and scenic beauty!” Dating from the late 18th century, this beautiful and refined country house has recently been renovated with love, making it the MOST BEAUTIFUL place to tie the knots at! What makes it more beautiful is its surroundings! Ensuring you an authentic “Italian” experience, this is a place that you need if carrying out an elegant wedding is what you aim for!


What can be better than making your vows in a medieval village that is in the heart of San Francisco? IL BORRO is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations to have your day at! Recently crafted with a hint of modernization, this excellent location resembles a compound that is connected by cobblestone streets, a stone bridge, and winding paths. With an experience of a lifetime, IL BORRO is a prime example of what elegance and artsy appears in a combination! You can even reside there for as long as you like by pre-booking farmhouses that come with separate suites, a private pool, beautiful scenery, and a feeling that you will cherish on forever!


If you always wanted to experience the “Royal Life,” now is your time! CASTELLO di VELONA is a castle that dates back to approximately thousand years! You can either choose a room or a suite that is topped with antique furniture and paintings! With a list of options to die for, CASTELLO di VELONA is what will CERTAINLY make your wedding worth cherishing!

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We are the FINEST San Francisco wedding planner production company that excels in luxurious weddings! Matters not if you’re planning on a grand one-day event to cherish your day, or you’re looking forward to a multi-day destination wedding, with us at your service, there is NOTHING can apparently go wrong!