Is a Wedding Planner Worth It?

August 7, 2023

Even though having someone oversee your special day seems like a good idea, some LGBTQIA+ couples still face hurdles in preparing for their wedding day, especially due to gender-based discrimination. Here are things to consider to determine if getting a wedding planner is worth it or not.

Is a Wedding Planner Worth It?

A wedding planner is worth it for LGBTQIA+ couples if you want to focus on your dream wedding day with your loved ones while keeping every detail organized. Instead of you spending a lot of time preparing, an event planner will coordinate with vendors, manage timelines, and communicate with everyone involved in the ceremony.

Many couples in the LGBT community ponder whether hiring a wedding planning team is worth the additional cost. See why hiring wedding planners is the best investment same-sex couples can make.

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Reasons Why LGBTQIA+ Couples Should Get a Wedding Planner

It's generally worth hiring wedding planners for a same-sex marriage ceremony, although knowing what they can do can help you make a better decision. These are just some of the reasons why working with a wedding planning company makes sense.

Factors to Determine Whether Same-Sex Couples Should Hire Wedding Planners

About 96% of couples think wedding planning is stressful. If you're prone to feeling overwhelmed due to issues surrounding same-sex marriage, it's worth getting a wedding planner to keep your sanity. These are among the common scenarios where your future self will thank you for hiring a wedding planning team.

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You Plan On Having an Elaborate Ceremony

Weddings can vary depending on a country, culture, religion, or family traditions. A professional wedding planner is necessary to honor every custom and honor each tradition in the festivities.

Aside from that, some couples have multi-day weddings, especially traditional Indian celebrations. For others, it could mean having an intimate ceremony in a different state and then holding a massive party back in their home state on another day. Wedding planners can manage the timeline for you.

You Prefer a Destination Wedding

Do you want to venture halfway across the world and tie the knot in another country because there's no same-sex marriage in your home country?

Whether you want an adventure-inspired ceremony in Australia or a beach wedding in Oahu, a planner specializing in overseas celebrations can deal with different sets of marriage rules, currencies, and local traditions.

You Need to Keep Track of Your Expenses

One of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning is keeping track of finances. You appear to be saving money on catering for a moment, and then you end up spending thousands more on mindless upgrades.

Getting a wedding planner is worth it if you need to set realistic budgetary expectations. This helps you see where you can save and splurge.

You Want to Free Up Your Schedule 

If you decide to plan a wedding yourself, you may need to juggle the wedding planning process, work schedule, chores, and other personal responsibilities. You can find yourself running out of time or skipping appointments before you know it.

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This is where getting planners is ultimately worth it, as you can save precious time while you wait for the big day. As the planner works behind the scenes on a timeline, use your free time to pamper yourself or connect with guests instead.

You Want to Avoid Gender Discrimination

About 31% of same-sex couples found it extremely challenging to plan a wedding due to homophobia or discrimination from vendors. Some suppliers may refuse to provide services or sell their products because of your gender expression

There are event planners who specialize in helping LGBTQIA+ couples. They can connect you with enlightened or like-minded suppliers who will provide for your wedding needs regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Related Questions

How Much Do LGBTQIA+ Couples Spend on Wedding Planners?

On average, LGBTQIA+ couples spend at least 11% of their total wedding budget on wedding planners. Depending on the company's packages, this starts at $1,800 and goes higher depending on the services requested by couples.

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator?

The difference between a wedding planner and a coordinator is this. A wedding coordinator joins the process later or only on the day of the ceremony, whereas a wedding planner designs and coordinates weddings from the beginning. While wedding coordinators might only be tasked with some aspects, a planning team can manage every aspect.

What Are the Types of Wedding Planning?

The most common types of wedding planning include full-service, partial, and month-of. Partial service enables couples to participate more actively, while full service takes care of every wedding-related detail. On the other hand, month-of planners take charge of the weeks before your ceremony.


Hiring a wedding planner is worth it for LGBTQIA+ couples, whether you're having an intimate reception or a lavish ceremony. With Thomas Bui Lifestyle professional planners, you can attain peace of mind and feel love while spending more time with your family and friends during the wedding festivities.