Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in the San Francisco Bay Area

Without knowing the best local spots, you may end up with a less-than-ideal location that doesn't suit your wedding vision or accommodate your guests well. Since 2000, I've guided clients in finding the best wedding venues for their special day. I'm sharing this guide to reveal the top San Francisco outdoor wedding venues.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, a majestic structure connecting the city with its grandeur

San Francisco Outdoor Wedding Venues

San Francisco provides beautiful outdoor wedding locations, including Golden Gate Park's Shakespeare Garden and Botanical Gardens. Get a whimsical or vintage ambiance at the Log Cabin, Stable Cafe, Legion of Honor, Fort Mason Center, and Stern Grove. Seek the California sun at City Cruises, The Pearl Rooftop, and The Ritz-Carlton.

The Golden Gate City offers amazing outdoor wedding venues for my team to style in any season or budget. With its iconic landscapes and majestic views, the city provides an array of outdoor wedding venues that are as diverse as they are beautiful. 

Popular Outdoor Wedding Venues in San Francisco

The city's diverse selection ranges from exquisite gardens to historic buildings, each offering a unique charm for your special day. Here's a curated list of popular outdoor wedding venues across the city to help you find the perfect spot.

Shakespeare Garden

The Shakespeare Garden at Golden Gate Park is a hidden gem where literature and nature intertwine. It creates an intimate and romantic setting for wedding ceremonies.

Log Cabin at the Presidio

My favorite thing about the Log Cabin at the Presidio is its rustic charm and stunning views. It offers a picturesque and serene ambiance away from the city's hustle.

Botanical Garden

Do you want to get surrounded by a collection of plants? The San Francisco Botanical Garden provides a lush setting for an outdoor wedding.

Legion of Honor Museum

Wedding planning can sometimes take long because of the struggle in finding the right venue. The Legion of Honor Museum is one of my go-to event venue recommendations whenever couples want a grand sense of sophistication for their lively wedding. It boasts neoclassical architecture and panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A bride and groom happily hold red and white balloons on their special day

City Cruises

City Cruises San Francisco offers a unique wedding experience. You can exchange vows on the bay with the magnificent city skyline as your backdrop.

Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture

Fort Mason Center shines with its industrial chic spaces and expansive views over the Marina District. The center is also perfect for couples who want an artsy yet elegant setting.

The Pearl Rooftop

The Pearl Rooftop features modern design elements and breathtaking views of the city. It gives a contemporary and urban rooftop wedding experience.

Stable Cafe

Nestled in the Mission District, Stable Cafe offers an intimate space for micro weddings with rustic appeal. I love styling this place for smaller, more personal ceremonies with a laidback sophisticated theme.

Stern Grove Trocadero Clubhouse

The historic Stern Grove Trocadero Clubhouse is set within a lush eucalyptus grove. My team plans vintage wedding themes at this serene and picturesque venue.

Planning Considerations for Choosing an Outdoor Wedding Venue in San Francisco

When selecting an outdoor wedding venue, I prioritize practical considerations like the unpredictable weather and logistical necessities. My guidance focuses on ensuring a magical yet seamless celebration.

Romantic San Francisco wedding ceremony with a breathtaking view of the iconic bridge

Related Questions

How Much Is a Wedding Venue in San Francisco?

Wedding venues in San Francisco can range from $2,000 to $50,000+, with most falling between $5,000 and $10,000 for the ceremony and reception site rental. Prices vary based on location, size, amenities, and the time of year.

Where Do People Get Married in San Francisco?

Couples often choose iconic San Francisco locations like the Botanical Garden or the Shakespeare Garden for outdoor weddings. Other popular venues include The Log, City Cruises, Stern Grove, and the Legion of Honor Museum.

How to Arrange an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in San Francisco?

To arrange an outdoor wedding ceremony, I start with choosing a venue that resonates with your vision. Then, secure your date as far as possible and coordinate with the venue's event planner to tackle the specifics of catering, decorations, and logistics.


Choosing a venue here means adorning your special day with the remarkable ambiance of the city's iconic charm. Skilled wedding designers and planners at Thomas Bui Lifestyle can tailor your venue needs while creating unforgettable memories amid San Francisco's stunning outdoor settings.