Reasons Why You Must Have Your Destination Wedding In Tuscany

September 20, 2019

Who hasn’t seen the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” and thought, "I want to get married in Tuscany? With that romanticism that inspires Italy and those magnificent landscapes that Tuscany has, it gives us every reason to be our dream wedding destination.

Tuscany is like a dream!

At the same time beautiful and romantic, with medieval castles to vast vineyards, a wedding in Tuscany has the magical background of its well-known rolling hills, its picturesque vineyards and its magnificent architecture.

Tuscany is one of the best places to celebrate weddings in Italy, as well as to experience a true Italian-style marriage. It is often said that Tuscany is the true heart of Italy. The region extends from the Apennines to the sea between Milan and Rome and is considered by many to be the paradigm of everything Italian. Therefore, it is a trendy place as a wedding destination in Italy.

Why are weddings in Tuscany so popular and beautiful?

The destinations for weddings in Tuscany offer both the bride and groom and their wedding guests the opportunity to recreate their eyes and palates, from the beautiful vegetation of their countryside to good Italian food. The towns of Tuscany are justified by their abundance of works of art and beautiful architecture. The delicious Chianti wines, produced by the Tuscan vineyards, serve as icing on the cake for your wedding. Tuscany makes it very easy to organize significant events, and it is also the perfect Italian location, for its central location, for those who wish to travel before and after the wedding.

Tuscany is full of romantic places for your dream wedding.

From magnificent castles to large villas, through its beautiful vineyards, there is always a perfect place to celebrate the wedding of any couple. Whether you are looking for a civil marriage or a religious blessing ceremony, at Thomas Bui Lifestyle, we will organize the Italian wedding of your dreams. Get in touch with your Destination Wedding Planner.

Planning a big or small wedding in Tuscany is a perfect choice, whether a catholic, civil, religious or symbolic ceremony is desired. We have extensive knowledge of the legal and logistical aspects necessary for weddings in Tuscany, and we put our expertise and experience at your service to organize an unforgettable wedding.

Your wedding destination in Tuscany may have the way you prefer. Celebrate a civil wedding at a town hall or a religious blessing service in a beautiful vineyard. Experience a Catholic wedding in a church in Florence or say your vows in a Jewish synagogue. The choice is yours, but no matter what you choose, we guarantee it will be beautiful.

Enjoy gorgeous surroundings, beautiful wedding photos and a location that is already a dream destination. Why not kill two birds? Thus, if you are about to get married in Italy, choose our trusted destination wedding planner in Tuscany to celebrate your wedding.