4 Reasons to Choose Macao as Your Wedding Destination!

May 10, 2021

The world is filled with wonderful places to get married.

You could travel to Europe and the romantic Italian town of Sorrento, go to the Hawaiian archipelago of Maui or even stay right here in San Diego. All will give you a very different and unique special day to enjoy with friends, share with family and remember for a lifetime.

One destination which may not have immediately sprung to mind when plotting where to tie the knot is Macau, on the south China coast. The ‘Vegas of Asia’ as it is becoming known certainly boasts some of the finest casinos, challenging the Nevada desert as a centre of gaming, but it is also looking to move into its niche as a destination for couples looking for an ostentatious and exciting wedding experience.

Why should you choose Macau as the destination for your wedding? We have four solid reasons you should consider ahead of committing to a venue.


One of the key reasons for selecting a site for your wedding is the variety of locations. Do you want a big, glitzy wedding that you will remember forever? If so, then you need a big, glitzy location. Macau delivers with a great variety of places to get married. The Macau Tower is an iconic location in Macau, primarily featuring as a location for antennas, but also reveals it doubles as a great banquet hall for weddings. A post by discusses how it also has wonderful 360 views across Macau, a beautiful city and perhaps the perfect location for wedding photos. If that is not for you, then the huge selection of hotels and casinos also offer wedding packages of all shapes and sizes, catering for your exact needs. From grand banquets to themed events, your every wedding whim can be catered for in Macau.


The former Portuguese colony blends European influences with the Middle East, and that culture emanates through the cuisine and architecture. The food, in particular, is exquisite and across Macau, you can find a wonderful range of seafood, local traditional dishes and those influenced by the European settlers. It is a mishmash of culture which, over time, has come together to give Macau a truly unique outlook on food that can heavily influence your wedding. Whether you want seafood, traditional Macanese or something a little different for your guests, every taste is catered for.


If you choose to get married in Macau, then it is worth considering how many hotels there are, and how well connected they come throughout the city. Timothy Tan is the director of sales at Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel, and he outlines how the strong infrastructure in the relatively new location helps wedding organizers cut down on the work they need to undertake. “When [guests] arrive in Macau, it doesn’t take them long to get to the hotels,” Tan says, “so couples don’t have to put so much [time] into their logistics planning." It certainly takes some of the stress out of your special day, allowing you to focus on those important matters, such as having some fun.


Macau is a subtropical climate, which means a mild winter and mild or pleasant spring time. All year round, that makes for a nice setting for a honeymoon, as does the rich abundance of cultural influences. Make no mistake, Macau is a lovely place to visit with a bustling lifestyle of markets and old-world meeting new technology. If you do choose to get married there, it makes a great place for a honeymoon too, an ‘all-in-one’ solution to your wedding needs. The area’s historic center has more than 20 locations of importance and was officially listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, which makes it well worth a visit after you have exchanged your vows.