How To Plan A Destination Wedding In San Francisco

Destination wedding – the words bring to mind gorgeous beaches, medieval ballrooms, rolling hills, rooftop terraces, and a view fit for a fairy tale. Every engaged couple wishes to go for a destination wedding in San Francisco, and wonder if they’d be able to pull it off in San Francisco, as it is exciting yet, daunting. Where shall we have it? Who to invite? Will it fit our budget? But, of course the most important is doing it altogether.

Destination Wedding in San Francisco

The city of San Francisco offers eclectic choices with its hilly views, foggy days, myriad neighborhoods, and Rice-A-Roni; the city has it all! So why go for a typical wedding? San Francisco embodies all that one can imagine for a destination wedding. From breathtaking ocean views and undulating hills to its perfectly melodious mix of urban and park landscapes, San Francisco is as versatile as a city can get. Let’s not forget the multitude of wedding venues to choose from, as the city offers whatever you have envisioned and better! Let’s also not forget that with a destination wedding in San Francisco, your photos will be the talk of the town with historic neighborhoods, shoreline of Baker Beach to the hilly views from a cable car ride. The photos will be as magnificent as the city of San Francisco itself.

Plan your San Francisco Destination Wedding


Applying for a marriage license is one of the things you’d want to get done first. The marriage must take place within 90 days after your license is issued.


A destination wedding is the latest trend, and so, it’s followed by quite a herd. So, it would get easier for you to get done with your dream location. The multifarious neighborhoods provide something for everyone with its distinct style all its own. Selecting one of these places for your special day will definitely be an experience in expanding your cultural taste. With the best photo ops at Nob Hill to satiating the hippie in you at the diversified Haight-Ashbury district. However, it’s better to consult a San Francisco wedding planner before getting all done. They’d guide you about all of this stuff better.


There are also several popular events that you must know before you decide on a date. Some of these events are the Chinese New Year Celebrations, San Francisco Pride in late June, The San Francisco Marathon in July, and Outside Lands in August which attracts huge crowds from all over. Also, everyone knows the hype of holidays like Christmas and Valentine.  


Parking can be a hassle, but San Francisco has plenty of convenient public transport, for example, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Muni buses, taxis and plus Uber and Lyft.


There are many destination wedding planners that have their pulse on the ins and outs of San Francisco. The average cost of weddings may vary. But the packages usually include photography, food, venue, decoration and all the other nitty-gritties involved in planning a wedding.

Starting from its food and ranging to its people, San Francisco is one of the most culturally diversified cities in the world, which makes it the perfect place to celebrate love and bring all your loved ones together under one roof for a destination wedding. So, let the city fulfill your dreams of the perfect wedding, and you can leave your single life here as well, along with your heart!