How To Choose A Destination Wedding Planner In San Diego?

September 25, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to be involved in a destination wedding and plan on hiring a wedding planner, you and your fiancé must have gone through a thorough debate of whether to seek out an experienced planner based at your actual destination or use a destination wedding planner from your own area.

So to speak, several brides and grooms like to utilize a known quantity. Their inclination is towards hiring a wedding planner who has an experience of successfully putting together many weddings. This makes total sense. Unless, obviously, the planner you’re taking into consideration has never been to the wedding destinations that you are considering.

There are a plethora of destination wedding planners based in the US who have a lot of experience in various popular wedding destinations. The trick is discovering one near you who has experience in working within the locale where you want to get married. Otherwise, you’d just be creating a ‘blind leading the blind’ situation.

The Advantage of a Wedding Planner Based Near Your Hometown

You would most likely meet your planner face to face before finally making the hire. You’d have a basic idea about the wedding planner, which would allow you to decide whether you want to hire him or not.

A large number of brides and grooms complain about dealing with destination wedding vendors, especially in the islands and overseas, because they’re not satisfied with the response time to their emails and phone calls. While you can complain about the delays to your planner, it is likely that nothing would be done about the time lag.

The Advantage of a Wedding Planner Based at Your Wedding Destination

1.      There is almost no guesswork involved when it comes to selecting wedding vendors at your destination.

2.      You would be paying a lot less for planning time with an event coordinator who works regularly with your destination.

3.      Local wedding planners are aware of the best accommodations, activities, and attractions to recommend to your wedding guests.

4.      A planner working most of the time within the destination you would be getting married at would have access to many discounts on products and services.

5.      Since they have planned multiple events at San Diego venues, they would be aware of all the probable bugaboos of the property.

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