Best Gender Neutral Wedding Outfits [2023 Review]

Finding fashionable, comfortable wedding attire can be tricky for gender-fluid people. I've been planning weddings since 2000 and have encountered couples and guests who were self-conscious and distracted because of their gendered clothes. For this guide, I'm helping you choose the best gender neutral wedding outfits on a special day.

Best Gender Neutral Wedding Outfits

Gender neutral wedding attire opens up chic options like refined jumpsuits, tailored androgynous suits, breezy unisex dresses, cape jackets and pants sets, vest blazers with wide-leg suit pants, knit sweatsuits, and kaftan tops. Whether for couples or guests, these attires provide effortless elegance and identity-affirming styles.

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With inclusive designs transcending the gender binary, guests and couples can honor their fluidity and unique beauty on the couple's meaningful day. It's essential to identify fabulous attire that breaks away from outdated gender constraints, leading to a selection of outfits that everyone can don with pride.

Preparing Gender-Fluid Wedding Attire Ideas

When considering gender-non-conforming wedding attire, the key is to blend comfort with personal style, ensuring that the outfit feels authentic to you. Here are some curated ideas that combine tradition with a modern twist.

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A jumpsuit is a stylish, all-in-one solution that exudes both sophistication and simplicity. They are perfect for those who want a sleek silhouette without compromising comfort. Moreover, they are typically more comfortable than traditional attire due to fewer restrictions on movement.

Androgynous Suit

The androgynous suit is a timeless option that defies gender norms. You can tailor it to fit any body type, ensuring a sharp and contemporary look. I often recommend this to couples and guests who want to experiment with limitless options from fabric to cut and color.

Unisex Dress

For those who prefer a unisex dress, a spectrum of gender-neutral options play with length, fabric, and pattern to match your personality. Look for designs that flatter every body type without the constraints of gendered fashion.

Cape Jacket and Pants Set

A cape jacket and pants set strikes a bold statement that marries the traditional with the avant-garde. The cape adds a layer of theatrical flair. This combination provides a cohesive look that's both unconventional and elegant.

Vest Blazer and Wide-Leg Suit Pants

Whenever a client wants a classic suit showing a fresh, contemporary look, I suggest combining a vest blazer with wide-leg suit pants to create a balanced, on-trend, classic ensemble. If you have concerns with body proportions, the wide-leg pants can streamline the overall silhouette.

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V-Neck Knit Sweatsuit

A V-neck knit sweatsuit offers supreme comfort without sacrificing style, ideal for a more relaxed gender neutral wedding environment. Despite its comfort, it still exudes an intelligent, put-together appearance.

Kaftan Top

An e-commerce study shows tops and shirts are the top unisex category, making up 21% of the gender-fluid clothes in the United States. With its flowing lines and ease of wear, the kaftan top encapsulates an effortlessly chic vibe suitable for any gender. It's perfect for warmer climates or outdoor ceremonies.

Accessorizing Androgynous Wedding Outfits

When accessorizing gender-non-comforming wedding outfits, my approach highlights flexibility and personal expression. I find that accessories are a fantastic way to add a unique touch to your attire that reflects your unique style.

Choosing the Right Wedding Outfit for Queer Couples and Guests

Over the past decade, fashion brands have increasingly produced gender-fluid collections to meet consumer demand. In 2019, about 55% of Gen Z consumers shopped for clothing styles outside their assigned sex at birth.

When helping clients choose the perfect wedding outfits, I emphasize that finding the right attire for gender neutral weddings is about embracing your true self and finding the balance between personal style, the wedding's setting, and your comfort.

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  1. Wedding theme and venue: Tailor your outfit to align with the atmosphere, whether formal, casual, or somewhere in between.
  2. Style preferences: Choose pieces that reflect your personality, whether a mix of masculine and feminine elements or something unique.
  3. Budget and affordability: Set a realistic budget and look for quality pieces with versatility and longevity.
  4. Body type: Select an outfit that flatters your body shape and makes you feel at ease.
  5. Comfort level: Prioritize comfort, which is valuable to enjoying the celebration.

Related Questions

What Should a Non-binary Person Wear to a Wedding?

When attending a wedding, a non-binary person can look for attire that aligns with their personal style and comfort. I recommend exploring options that blend various elements of traditional menswear and womenswear, such as a tailored suit with a statement blouse or a flowing tunic with dress trousers.

How Can You Have a Gender Neutral Wedding?

To plan a gender neutral wedding, start by setting an inclusive tone with your invitations and communications, specifying that guests can wear attire that reflects their true selves. I suggest selecting a venue that doesn't impose traditional gender roles and working with vendors who are allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.

What Is a Gender Neutral Wedding Dress Code?

A dress code for gender neutral weddings invites guests to dress in a way that feels authentic to them without enforcing traditional gendered norms. As a host, I advise providing examples or a style guide that illustrates the desired formality level while encouraging self-expression.


My experience in queer wedding planning has taught me that the best outfit is one that looks fabulous and feels authentic to who you are. Comfort and personal expression are crucial in crafting the perfect gender neutral outfit for a wedding. Invest some time into discovering flattering, identity-aligned wedding looks.