Destination Wedding Planner – Oahu

You’ve been in love with your college sweetheart since years now, and you know that nothing would make her happier than exchanging extremely heartfelt vows with you, around your near and dear ones, and in a place that invigorates your souls for this new journey in life. The importance of this day is immense to you two and there’s nothing that you would not do to do justice to it. Our team at Thomas Bui Lifestyle, stand by you and are here to take upon this great task in the best way possible!

There is only one solution to your predicament: a beautiful, fully arranged destination wedding in the ‘heart’ of Hawaii – Oahu. Oahu carries with itself a befitting label, ‘The Gathering Place’ which is a signal in itself of being surrounded by family on your stunning wedding! Home to breathtaking shores and swelling waves, especially the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and the best night life, your wedding day experience will be enhanced tenfold.

Feel the warm sand in your toes, and the enlivening breeze on your faces as you say your promises to your soulmate with us, the most experienced destination wedding planner Oahu!