Destination Wedding Planner – Kauai

The venue is the essence of a wedding. The location of your wedding plays an important part in signifying your big day and making it a significant part of your memories forever. Which is why, our team of luxury wedding, social, and corporate event planners at Thomas Bui Lifestyle intend to take care of all your wishes regarding your special day, to make sure it transforms into a memory that you can relive for years to come. Ever wondered how reading your vows environed by lush valleys, entrancing waterfalls, palatial canyons and majestic cliffs would feel like? Our experts can help you transform this dream into a reality.  

Your wedding among the oldest islands of Hawaii, Kauai is guaranteed to be an exceptionally enthralling destination to be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. Packed with adventure and scenic beauty, it is one of the most unparalleled wedding sites on the planet. Looking for a destination wedding planner for Kauai? We’ve got you covered. Then what’s the wait for? Grab your bag packs and let us help you plan the most captivating wedding of the season!